Joe Theismann calls 'baloney' on Cooley's Jordan Reed take

Ben Krimmel
October 19, 2018 - 4:02 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Theismann strongly disagrees with Chris Cooley's belief that Alex Smith was sold "a bill of goods" on tight end Jordan Reed. 

"I don't think anybody was sold a bill of goods on Jordan Reed," Theismann told 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes Friday. "I think Jordan Reed is a very difficult football player to cover. I still think he's working himself back into the offense."

"It's interesting to always listen to people comment about the quarterback position that have never played the quarterback position. That's what I'm always fascinated by," Theismann said. "It is very easy to observe from afar what you see, but when you have all these things going on around you, it's a little bit difficult at times to process."  

The former Redskins QB defended the current QB, saying it takes a while to become familiar with a new offense. Theismann argued Kirk Cousins could easily go through his progressions because he had spent three years in Jay Gruden's system. And after five games, Smith needs more time. 

"Alex is in the process of continuing to grow into the system," he said.

"It's easy for us, late in the moment, to say, 'Jeez, look how wide open that guy is.' You don't know whether there was a defensive guy in his face and he couldn't see it," Theismann said. "There are a lot of factors that factor into why you go some place and don't go some place else." 

Theismann identified a few of them: Time to make the pass, visualization, and pressure on the quarterback. He also hit on a common lament among Redskins fans: What about the wide receivers?

"Part of the problem we have, we don't have any wide receivers that can take any pressure off of the interior part of our passing game," Theismman said. "Vernon Davis comes up with plays. Every now and then we'll get a wide receiver involved, but it's not like other places where you're gonna threaten somebody down the field. This is a limited passing game. "

"And I think Jordan Reed is a primary factor in being able to accomplish the things that we want to accomplish," he said. 

Dukes asked if Cooley was implying Smith has been told that Reed, even if he is covered, should be thrown the ball.

"That's a bunch of baloney. Nobody is told that, if somebody is covered, that you stay with it," Theismann scoffed. "Alex is continuing to learn how to process through this offense.We don't run one-receiver routes in the National Football League."

In regards to Cooley's comment about the failed fourth-down conversion, Theismann argued people are making a mountain out of a mole hill. 

"It was one play in the scope of all the plays that are run. So now all the sudden we're gonna make a big deal out of one play where Jordan couldn't get open and Alex couldn't make the move away from him," Theismann argued. "And for the one play to warrant this much comment and this much commentary and this much analysis, to me, is a bit of overkill."

Theismann joins DeAngelo Hall in calling baloney on Cooley's take.

"Alex throws that pass and you could clearly see – a blind man could see – that Jordan is being covered great," Hall said. "And so, don't go there; go somewhere else."

"I feel like a lot of that is just Alex – and I don't know if Cooley was deflecting," Hall said. "It makes no sense if he was deflecting from Alex and throwing it onto Jordan not being the kind of player that I know he is."

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