Jon Gruden fires back at younger brother Jay for 'Hard Knocks' comments

Chris Lingebach
June 11, 2019 - 6:29 pm
Jon Gruden fires back at younger brother Jay for 'Hard Knocks' comments

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HBO and the NFL have still yet to confirm which team will be featured on this season of "Hard Knocks."

Two teams that can't turn the show down, if chosen, are the Redskins and Raiders, a known fact by Jon and Jay Gruden, the teams' respective head coaches.

That led Jay Gruden two weeks ago to pitch his older brother's team, jokingly telling reporters, "I think really, if they were smart, they would go to Oakland. I mean, seriously. What an entertainment value that would be."

"Antonio Brown, Jon Gruden all out there. Vontaze Burfict. Incognito," Gruden went on. "They gotta be crazy not to go to Oakland. They can do us next year, maybe."

Of course, that's when the kid brother, in typical self-deprecating Jay Gruden fashion, joked about not being around next year.

As more and more signs point to the Raiders being HBO's pick, the elder Gruden fired back on Tuesday.

"I think (Josh) Jacobs is gonna be interesting and fun to watch," said Jon Gruden. "Who knows? Maybe Hard Knocks will come and cover that. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?"

A reporter mentioned to Gruden that Jay keeps pitching him for Hard Knocks.

"I'm not talking to my brother again," Jon snipped.

Antonio Brown isn't doing his head coach any favors to quell those Raiders-Hard Knocks rumors.

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Now we know why Jon Gruden was so salty!

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