LISTEN: JP begs movie director to read his buddy's script

Josh Luckenbaugh
October 08, 2018 - 11:42 am
JP Flaim of The Sports Junkies

106.7 The Fan


Things got rather heated on The Junkies Monday morning after producer Drab T-Shirt called out JP Flaim for begging director Gabe Polsky to read his friend's movie script.

Polsky came on The Junkies to discuss his new documentary In Search of Greatness, and afterwards Flaim thought it would be ok to ask Polsky if he'd take a call from his friend who's writing a film of his own. Clearly, Drab shared a different opinion. 

Drab: Maybe the three other guys you do a show with don't want to be associated with a guy begging for his friend's movie scripts. That's like the number one thing you don't do, everybody knows that ... That's what nubbers do. 

JP: I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking a call, and we had a two minute conversation. He was into it.

Cakes: Hold on. You asked him if he wouldn't mind taking a call?!

Valdez: Is that what they say in Hollywood?

Cakes: That's weird. That's weird!

JP: He said that he'd be more than happy to talk to Mike. 

Drab: What's he gonna do, say no to your face? Oh, that was so cringe-worthy. 

JP: Not really.

Cakes: So glad I went to the bathroom. 

"Next time you ask me to help you out on anything, I'm gonna say, 'You know what, you don't really like when people try to help you,'" JP retorted to Drab. "Sorry I'm a good friend!"

Maybe what JP did was ok, maybe it wasn't. But it's hard to deny JP has a history of making things awkward with guests

Listen to the entire Drab and JP back-and-forth below, and judge for yourself who's in the right.

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