WATCH: 'Soto Shuffle' added to MLB The Show 20

Ben Krimmel
January 23, 2020 - 9:39 am

This is what happens when you are a top player and a budding superstar like Juan Soto: Your signature move enters the video game world.

And for the 21-year-old Nationals outfielder, aside from mashing dingers in the World Series, the "Soto Shuffle" is what he is best known for and it is coming to MLB The Show 20.

While it irked some opposing players and fans this season, Soto's little batter's box pantomime is just a little something to keep him engaged. 

“That’s his way to get into the next pitch and keeping him engaged,” Nats manager Davey Martinez told the media. “That’s all he does. He’s not showing anybody up.”

Of course, Soto has a bit more on his mind than just getting ready for the next pitch.

“I like to get in the mind of pitchers because sometimes they get scared. I just try to get in their minds,” he told's Jamal Collier. “I still do it in the big leagues. A couple of the guys tell me, ‘You can’t keep doing that,” but do it in the right situation and that’s what I’m trying right now.”

And the video game results are pretty glorious.

And pretty accurate, as well. 

In the first look at the game, which drops in March, there were a few shots of action at Nationals Park, Anthony Rendon in an Los Angeles Angels jersey, and a Nats dugout dance party with Trea Turner cutting a rug at the center of the celebration.

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