Junkies make bold NFL predictions

Ben Krimmel
September 05, 2019 - 12:16 pm

Ladies and gentlemen: Football... is... back!

And, Spoiler AlertThe Sports Junkies have looked into their crystal balls and have some bold predictions and hunches about how the NFL season will turn out.

Here is how the scoring works: Two points for predicting a division winner, one point for a Wild Card team, three points for a conference championship team, five points for a Super Bowl team, and seven points for predicting the Super Bowl winner. 

Simple enough? (1+2+2+1, right?) 

They start with the AFC East and... shocker, they all took the New England Patriots.

But The Junks did take some big swings at things, including Jason Bishop making a big call on an NFC West team and Eric Bickel and John Auville thinking big about a Washington Redskins first-round draft pick.

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