EB gets triggered by the word 'lame'

Chris Lingebach
June 26, 2018 - 1:13 pm

EB opened himself up for some savage joaning on Tuesday's show and didn't like the results.

It all started with Bick sharing that, over the weekend, he rode his scooter to his favorite rollerblading spot, and went rollerblading. Just like any 6-foot-4 40-something is wont to do.

Drab tweeted out a funny line from EB, eliciting a listener response that would set the show off-roading for two segments.

This photoshop, although funny, is the wrong type of scooter. Think more Vespa than Razor.

We're gonna have to dig deep for this one.

Quotes To Listen For

Valdez: When you pass someone who's rollerblading, do you give 'em like a wave? Like you're in the crew together?

EB: My move is I scooter to my rollerblading spot.

Valdez: I couldn't think of a more loser line than 'I scooter to my rollerblading spot.'


EB: Drabby tweeted, and I think it's funny, 'I scooter to my rollerblading spot.' Right? Of course I said that. Why do you think I said that? Because it's funny. But then when I hear the guy say... he tweets me: 'Lamest thing I've heard on this station in 20 years of listening.' What are you, so cool? Is that what it is? You're so cool? Statements like that make me insane. Guys like you are the worst people in the country, because you're consumed with being cool. You're consumed with it.


EB: But just like to say 'the lamest thing.' What do you mean the lamest thing? Cause you're so cool? It just sets me off. That word 'lame.' That's what sets me off. It's not the joaning. It's the word lame

Cakes: So lame is a trigger word for you? 

EB: That triggers me. Oh yeah. Turns out I just figured that out.

Anyhow, this reckless triggering bumped the EP back a segment, which triggered some listeners.

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