Junkies Holiday Show 2018 live blog

Josh Luckenbaugh
December 07, 2018 - 5:15 am

106.7 The Fan


Andddddddd they're off!

The Junkies Holiday Show is finally here! Keep it locked here to follow all the outrageousness as it happens, including live updates on who has the lead in the $500 drunkest-Junkie bet!

$500 on the line...who you got?

Don't worry, the Junkies will be eating some delicious food, too, courtesy of The Palm Restaurant!

"Drabby, would you make out with Adam for two hunge?"

We have our first Junkies BAC update, and Lurch has the early lead!

But the alcohol may be getting to JP the most, as he just botched a live read...

Two hours in, and the side bets are coming in hot!

We're learning so much about the Junkies today, including where Bish keeps his college football book. 

The joaning is flying around the studio, and no one is safe...inluding NBC Sports Washington producer Doug McKinney!


OMG he actually did it!


After taking a piece of cake to the face, what else is there to do but put on a ridiculous mask?

As the final hour of the show began, things quickly went off the rails. 

And Bruce the Hugger made a cameo during the White Elephant gift exchange!

We have a final verdict: JP Flaim wins the $500 drunkest Junkie bet with a HUGE BAC number of .196!

And the champion has a message for his fans:

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinger indeed.

In the aftermath of the show, the Junkies did another round of confessionals, answering some of your burning questions. We think you'll be happy with the results. 


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