AUDIO: Junkies caller's wife calls in, ruins everything

Chris Lingebach
October 12, 2018 - 9:55 am

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Some guy named Jeff called into The Junkies on his honeymoon in Thailand this week because he just had to get his Junks fix.

Commendable as that is, his wife, annoying and apparently earless, followed up with the show the following morning.

EB: Has it been a fun honeymoon?

Jeff's Wife: Oh, it's been fantastic until The Junkies joined our honeymoon. I mean, I live my whole life listening to The Junkies because of this dude. And now we're in Thailand on our honeymoon and I have to hear about The Junkies again!

Bish: He's addicted!

JP: He needed to find his Redskins information.

Cakes: Now that's some dedication! I give your husband some props.

Drab and the next caller, Tyrone in Gainesville, appropriately summed up her call at the end of the audio.

Good luck, Jeff.

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