WATCH: Awadd voices impassioned defense of EB in ongoing war with producers

Chris Lingebach
May 22, 2020 - 12:18 pm

Thursday's bloodbath on The Junkies left many craving a thirst for more blood.

If you missed it, Junkies producer Drab needled EB so persistently on air – questioning his motive behind "asking every caller what they do for a living" – to the point that EB was demanding he show his face on Zoom so he could confront him man to man, virtually.

On Friday, Awadd – their mush-mouthed video producer who's been exiled into self-isolation – called into the show to defend EB.

"EB, I want to defend you for a second because the whole flippy floppy thing, it's taken completely out of control," he began. "Look, the only people that flip-flop more are Matt Valdez and Drab T-Shirt. Alright? Valdez walks around with open-toed shoes four out of five days a week and Drab changes his mind on everything he ever does in life.

"They need to understand the hierarchy of the show. If EB tells you to do something, you do it!"

EB: Thank you.

Awadd: If he wants you on Zoom, you put the Zoom on!

JP: You're such a brown nose.

Lurch: You really are. Why don't you go perform on Bickel.

Drab: Adam, what are you saying? That we were out of line yesterday?

"Well, look, I've heard the Matt & Matt Show. They suck on air," a potentially hammered Awadd hammered back. "There's no way that their show would last. They are producers. They are button pressers. Drab is great at answering our phone and saying, 'Hey, do you want to talk to The Junkies?' That's his job. That's all he can do!"

"He shouldn't be commenting on the show," he said. "You've been doing the show for 20 years, and 10 years before he even got a job at the station!"

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