Is it time for the Redskins to clean house?

Josh Luckenbaugh
December 04, 2018 - 8:31 am

With the Redskins in freefall in the standings and down to their third-string quarterback, a playoff spot that at one point seemed likely appears an impossible dream now for Washington.

And as the odds the Redskins miss the playoffs for the fourth time during Jay Gruden's five-year tenure increase, is it time for the organization to tear down and start over?

That's exactly what The Sports Junkies debated Tuesday morning following Monday night's dismal 28-13 loss to the Eagles. 

"No team collapses like my team collapses, and they do it year after year after year," Eric "EB" Bickel said Tuesday morning. "I think it's time for a total housecleaning."

Bickel went on to say he "could see a coaching change" coming soon, calling for a "symbolic" firing of defensive coordinator Greg Manusky as well as expressing his frustration with Gruden.

"I've never seen a coach look less in control in my lifetime," EB said. "He looks that way every week. As soon as things go south, Jay just has his arms folded and he just has this dumb look on his face, like he has no idea how to change it."

"You can do whatever you want with Jay. I don't give a crap."

Additionally, John-Paul Flaim called for the proposed cleansing to include the front office.

"How about a Bruce Allen change? Remember what you said about (Wizards team president Ernie) Grunfeld? Totally agree, nobody is gonna stand on the mountaintop and defend Bruce, but it comes to a point where you'd hope the owner would go, 'He continues to embarrass himself!'" said Flaim. 

"The only people that can affect that are the Redskins fans. If you want a housecleaning, if you want Bruce gone, you can't go to the game," Jason Bishop responded. "If that stadium was completely empty, there wasn't one guy there, then maybe Snyder makes a move. But we know the Redskins fans will still go to the games."

But regardless of whether all or none of these proposed personnel changes occur, EB says he feels for those who have watched the Redskins' descent from their glory days in the 1980s. 

"We've been at the mountaintop, and we've seen a storied franchise, a legendary franchise, turned to poop," Bickel lamented. "If this continues, we won't be on the air much longer."

"The people that think that we love this type of result and love to talk about it, you couldn't be more mistaken," Flaim agreed. "Because this leads to apathy. You can see it in the stands, and apathy means less people are gonna tune in."

Bickel concluded: "The clock is ticking on the Redskins, and the clock is ticking on this show."

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