SNIDER: Collins is worthy of wearing No. 21 with Redskins

Rick Snider
March 12, 2019 - 11:20 am
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Should Landon Collins wear No. 21 with the Redskins?

The New York Giants safety will sign with Washington on Wednesday after an impressive three Pro Bowls in four years. He wore No. 21 in New York because it was Sean Taylor's number. He's a Taylor disciple and worthy of the number.

Collins will surely don another number in Washington, but maybe 21 could be worn again by the right player. And Collins is that player.

Now, hear me out. Don't go ballistic that someone else wearing Taylor's number is a crime. What if a really good player wears it in tribute? Maybe rekindle the joy many found watching the Redskins safety from 2004-07 before he was murdered.

Bringing back numbers isn't easy. Technically, the Redskins have only retired one – Sammy Baugh's 33. But a bunch have been held out of use in deference to great players. They are Joe Theismann (7), Sonny Jurgensen (9), Charley Taylor (42), Larry Brown (43), John Riggins (44), Bobby Mitchell (49), Dave Butz (65) and Art Monk (81). Mark Moseley's No. 3 was un-retired for Jeff George under owner Dan Snyder's order and continues to be used.

There's a difference between those old-time numbers and Taylor, though. Taylor played somewhat recently, where the others are at least a quarter century ago. There’s a disconnect with current players. It's not like Case Keenum could wear No. 9 because he loved watching Jurgensen.

I can see some fans never accepting it while others smile watching Collins and remembering Taylor. It's worth a discussion.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks.​