SNIDER: LeBron's exit doesn't give Wizards inside path

Rick Snider
July 02, 2018 - 3:28 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


The internet rumor for a hot second was free agent LeBron James might consider joining the Washington Wizards. After all, Michael Jordan finished his career with the Wiz.

Before such nonsense gained steam, though, James was a Los Angeles Laker. The nearby Hollywood studios where James has been dabbling in films over recent years surely didn't hurt the Lakers' cause. Unless James wanted to be a politician, Washington offered little in his second career.

Now the hope is with James out of Cleveland after four straight Eastern Conference crowns, Washington can advance in the postseason.

I think you people have been in the sun too long.

James wasn't the reason why the Wiz have been stuck in mediocrity. It's the players who have fallen short. Oh, there has been some bad luck with injuries. The team probably would have advanced to the 2016 conference finals if John Wall hadn't been injured.

Mostly, the Wiz haven't played hard enough to merit a title chance. Haven't played enough defense. Haven't focused enough mentally. It's all on the players.

Well, the front office hasn't helped any for the coming season. They gained nothing, at least short term, in the draft and traded away the only front court banger in Marcin Gortat, who admittedly needed to go. Still, Washington enters the coming year a lesser team than last season. If LeBron playing in the Western Conference is fuel for the Wizards' hopes, then they're hopes of fools.

The only way for Washington to truly contend is to fire the front office and rebuild the roster from scratch, because they're not going anywhere with this crew. Meanwhile, James is headed for a Hollywood ending.

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