TINSMAN: Lions fans despair after loss to Redskins

Brian Tinsman
November 24, 2019 - 7:44 pm

Sunday's unexpected 19-16 win over the Detroit Lions sent most Washington Redskins fans into a frenzy of shoulder shrugs and mutters about draft position.

But for Detroit fans, it kicked off a rapid progression through all five stages of grief. Here is a sampling from Twitter:

First, denial: 

Second, anger:

Third, bargaining:

Fourth, depression:

And finally, acceptance (courtesy of the team's official Twitter account):

To be fair, the Lions started backup quarterback Jeff Driskel in place of an injured Matthew Stafford, which went as well as you might expect (four turnovers). It's worth noting that the Redskins have only beaten backup quarterbacks this season.

But even with that excuse, the Lions have every right to be embarrassed.

The Redskins "won ugly" again, with Dwayne Haskins consistently overthrowing his speedy receivers, the defense missing big plays, and the difference in the game coming on a kickoff that Steven Sims fumbled, recovered and then returned for a touchdown.

The Lions are two non-competitive years removed from their last winning season, and frustration with head coach Matt Patricia is at a fever pitch.

"I think for me, I absolutely hate losing. I'm a super competitive person and I can't stand it," Patricia told the media after the game. "All of us need to turn it around and just get ready for the next one. You can't really stay in that (losing) mode too long."

Nothing creates organizational frustration like losing to a 1-9 team that started six rookies in front of an announced crowd of 57,000. The media didn't hold back in calling for Patricia's job after losing what many called a "must-win."

Jeff Seidel from the Detroit Free Press wrote: "It's an indictment on coach Matt Patricia, who has offered no reason why he should be the coach next season. Or even next week, to tell you the truth."

That gives some insight into the perception of the 2019 Redskins. That sentiment was echoed in the Lions' locker room, where right guard Graham Glasgow was asked if this was the toughest loss of Detroit's season.

"Right now it definitely feels that way," he agreed. "Yeah, this one doesn't feel good."

Maybe it's just schadenfreude, but this win feels better for the chaos it created in Detroit. In a lost season, for one sunny afternoon in November, D.C. got to dish out disappointment to another city.

That should give every Redskins fan something to be thankful for on Thursday.

Brian Tinsman has covered D.C. sports since 2011, both from the team marketing and skeptical fan perspectives. Tweet your criticisms @Brian_Tinsman.