LISTEN: Chad Dukes and Lurch settle their beef (sort of)

Chris Lingebach
October 24, 2018 - 11:07 am

We never really got the closure one would have hoped for from the Chad Dukes vs. Jason Bishop drama.

Although, we did get some semblance of that Wednesday morning.

Chad Dukes called into The Junkies and they briefly rehashed their long-running feud – and it was revealed that Bish was supposed to call in to Dukes' show to clear the air, but never did – before the segment transformed into a free-for-all on anyone and everyone who got caught in the crossfire.

Here's a list of everyone who got hit with shrapnel:

Drab T-Shirt

Bret Oliverio

LaVar Arrington

Chris Kinard

Nikki Burdine

Oscar Santana

Jared Ruderman

Broc Plymin

Jim 'Landfill' Mullins

Bickel' son


Chad's pool


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