Lombardi: Illogical Redskins are stuck in 'twilight zone'

Ben Krimmel
November 05, 2019 - 1:20 pm

You can't use logic to explain the illogical.

Or at least that is what Radio.com NFL Insider Michael Lombardi believes when asked why the Washington Redskins did not make any moves before the NFL trade deadline.

"I think when you try to put logic into an illogical front office, you're gonna get in a lot of trouble," Lombardi told The Sports Junkies Tuesday.

"And that's really the reality of it," Lombardi said. "They think they're smarter than everybody else, certainly the president does, they think they know what's better than everybody else in football, and because you punted at Richmond you have a great sense of understanding what happens in football."

Redskins team president Bruce Allen was the punter at the University of Richmond in the 1970s. 

"I don't put anything behind them that tells me that they actually know what they're doing. There's no track record that says, this is really, we have faith," Lombardi continues. 

In the former NFL executive's eyes, there are five principles that owner Daniel Snyder should follow, the first being common sense. But for the Redskins, "they lack common sense, they lack the ability to create stability because there's such dysfunction, even though we heard from the president that he said, 'Hey, we have a great culture.' Right? No," Lombardi said. "Believe in the right people? Which obviously, he believes in the wrong people. Preserve the pride. Well, he's eliminated the pride of the team, right? And care more than anyone.... and the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. And what he's done to the Redskins fans is he's created them to be indifferent.

"And so he violates all five principles that an owner should do. So when you ask a question based on logic, just refer to those five," Lombardi said.  

When asked to get in the mind of Allen to analyze a decision, Lombardi refuted the premise of the question because he doesn't see the Redskins as logical actors.

"Again, you're in an illogical world. This is truly the twilight zone," he said of the Redskins. "You've stepped over into the zone and you're just gonna keep asking questions that are based on logic and you can't do that in an illogical world. I'm sure at 1-8 they all think they're winning."

"You can't make this up."

So what chance do Redskins fans have of seeing change? Lombardi told The Junkies: Only if fear conquers reason.

"The only chance you have as a Redskins fan is if Dan thinks he's gonna go broke and he's gotta make changes," Lombardi said on 106.7 The Fan. "(But) he's never going broke! He's making more money than he's ever made. And the scoreboard is insignificant to his pocketbook."

How would Lombardi turn it around? Re-build the program from top to bottom.

"You're gonna have to re-build the program because it is so toxic. Because, look, they've listened to the president for how long spew his knowledge of football. You have to de-program people," he said. "I think you gotta rebuild the entire organization. This is not just a football problem, this is an institutional problem within the walls out at Ashburn. And until they get that fixed it's never really gonna matter." 


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