Junkies caller: Wife stabbed me for watching Nats too much

Chris Lingebach
September 09, 2019 - 2:48 pm

Our 106.7 The Fan listeners are so often a vital resource, on many occasions calling in with a provocative thought or tidbit of information that will spark dialogue and segment ideas.

Monday morning on The Sports Junkies, however, something extraordinary occurred, when Bobby in Fairfax called in from his hospital bed, claiming he had just been stabbed by his wife, of 38 years, for watching Nationals baseball on television far too frequently.

"I was watching the Nats game and she came home from one of the local area bars, Applebee's, intoxicated," Bobby said. "And she proceeded to start screaming at me, and then it erupted into me getting stabbed with a butcher knife."

Asked what provoked his wife to stab him, Bobby answered, "Because she said I watch too much Nats. That's all I do is watch baseball."

Asked what prompted her to start screaming at him in the first place, Bobby informed, "Because she said that when she left, I was sitting there watching the Nats." When she returned home, he was still watching the Nats, "and that set her off," he says.

Bobby says his wife stabbed him in his left forearm, which required 13 stitches to stop the bleeding. Even prior to the incident, the two were already engaged in divorce proceedings.

Asked if he thought his wife was trying to kill him, Bobby said, "She wigged out. She lost it. You would not have known that she was two hours earlier, three hours earlier, a completely different person."

106.7 The Fan is able to confirm Bobby's call came from a local Inova hospital. Also, he calls himself 'Bobby,' although we know it's an alias. Fairfax County Police could not confirm details of the case, nor if an arrest has been made.

In Bobby's defense, the Nats are in a pennant race and were trying to chase down the Braves all weekend.