Turgeon: Terps ready to cause some madness in NCAA Tournament

Josh Luckenbaugh
March 19, 2019 - 10:27 am

After Maryland's disappointing loss to Nebraska in the Big Ten Tournament, many are questioning if the Terrapins can even win their first round game against Belmont or Temple in the NCAA Tournament.

But if you ask Mark Turgeon, his team is more than ready to cause some serious madness this March.

"I know people are a little bit down right now and they shouldn't be but they are, because we're not," Turgeon told The Sports Junkies Tuesday. "We were top 25 most of the year, we're a good basketball team. We've been a good basketball team most of the year."

"We've overcome a lot this season, we played an unbelievably difficult schedule. We're battle-tested. We're ready, we're chomping at the bit. I really expect us to play well Thursday, whether we win or not we'll see, but I really expect us to play well and represent Maryland the right way Thursday afternoon."

Only one upperclassman -- junior point guard Anthony Cowan Jr. -- plays regular minutes for the Terps, but Turgeon is hopeful Maryland's youth and fearlessness can be a positive during the Big Dance. 

"Sometimes when you've got a young team, they don't know any better. Seven of our top eight guys, this will be their first NCAA Tournament; five freshmen, two sophomores," said Turgeon. "Hopefully (they have) that rookie mentality going in, they just let it all hang out and play well."

And despite losing three of their past four, Turgeon doesn't buy into the notion the Teps are "limping in" to the tourney.

"Don't think we're limping in, because we're not," he told the Junkies. "I know it looks that way, but this team's not. We had really good practices last week, which will carry over to this week. We've had good practices this week."

"Our mind is fresh and ready to go," Turgeon added. "I really feel good about our mindset going into this tournament. We know we're gonna play a really good team in the first round, and we're gonna have to play well."

"But if my team is having fun and they care about each other enough and they feel good about themselves, they usually advance in this tournament."

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