Max Scherzer on Nats' turnaround: 'We never once started pointing fingers'

Chris Lingebach
June 06, 2019 - 4:32 pm

After a horrific 19-31 start to the 2019 season, the Nationals have suddenly caught fire, winners of nine of their last 11 ball games.

It started to turn around in Miami two weeks ago, where the Nats took three of four from the Marlins. And that's where they turned the corner, now winning their last four series.

Early in the season, it was significant when the Nats won two games straight. They're now riding a four-game game win streak into San Diego.

Nationals ace Max Scherzer was asked during a 106.7 The Fan appearance Wednesday if he's noticed a tangible difference in the clubhouse since the start of their series in Miami. Scherzer joins Grant & Danny each and every Nats homestand, and is presented by F.H. Furr.

"Um. Yes and no," Scherzer said. "I mean, yeah, we're humans. Yes, if you're playing and you're winning baseball, life's better. You're human."

"But at the same time, I can sit here and also say no," he added. "We never once started pointing the fingers and blaming each other. None of the bad apples – things that you hear about bad clubhouses – that was never going on in our clubhouse. I mean, we still believed in each other; we just thought we just had to play better, cleaner baseball."

"Just kind of eradicate some of these dumb mistakes that we were all making," he continued. "And if we just played better baseball, we know we can compete with anybody in this league. And I think that's just kind of what we've been going out and doing, is just playing a much better brand of baseball, something that's I think appealing to everybody's eye, and just kind of feeding each other."

"Once everything starts clicking," Scherzer said, "everything becomes contagious. Hey, right now, let's just play good baseball and just keep it going."

The Nats aren't out of the woods yet. They still trail the Phillies by 6.5 games. But that gap was 10 games before their turnaround. And hey, Scherzer finally got a win in his last start, his first since May 11.

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