1-13 Hour 2- Chris Russell + Erik Moses

Chad Dukes Vs. The World
Monday, January 13th
In the 2nd hour, Big Shooter brings in “The Rooster” Chris Russell to talk about Kevin O’Connell getting the OC job for the Rams. In addition, Kyle Smith becomes the Senior Director of Player Personnel for the Redskins. The NFL has elected Jimmy Johnson to the Hall of Fame. The team president for the XFL’s DC Defenders, Erik Moses, chats with Big Shooter about the new rules and tickets being available for February 8 against the Seattle Dragons. Is it discouraging to see a former Redskins player, Preston Smith, having success in the playoffs along with the other ex-Redskins?

Chris Russell- 0:05

Jimmy Johnson Elected to HoF- 10:03

Erik Moses- 16:20

Preston Smith Success- 25:05