11-7 Hour 4 - Sean Salisbury + Jerry Brewer + Calls on Redskins

Chad Dukes Vs. The World
Thursday, November 7th
In this final hour Chad Dukes talks with his buddy and former NFL QB Sean Salisbury as we talk all things NFL. What are his thoughts on Dwayne Haskins? Columnist for the Washington Post Jerry Brewer calls in to go in-depth about why the Cleveland Browns are a mess and his thoughts on the way Dwayne Haskins has been handled by the Redskins. Dukes takes calls on the Redskins.

Sean Salisbury – 0:05

Thoughts on Haskins -12:32

Jerry Brewer – 18:52

Calls on the Redskins- 31:30

More calls on the Redskins – 37:57