Ashooh and Loverro

Radio and TV personality Nick Ashooh and sports columnist Thom Loverro talk D.C. sports every Saturday morning on 106.7 The Fan.
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Ashooh & Medhurst - Hour 3

Saturday, March 21st
0:03 March Madness not starting is really setting in 9:42 Nick & Pete research some new sports 19:28 Pete Medhurst will call ANY sport 31:07 The Big 3 will...

Ashooh & Medhurst - Hour 2

Saturday, March 21st
0:03 How are you passing the time these days 7:58 There are still ways to get your fix on sports 16:35 Thom Loverro calls in to the show 27:51 More time with...

Ashooh & Medhurst - Hour 1

Saturday, March 21st
0:03 Social distancing with Pete Medhurst in a bunker 10:15 Tom Brady signs with the Buccaneers 22:36 There is anger among the Redskins fan base 33:26 Patience...

Ashooh & Loverro - Hour 3

Saturday, March 14th
0:03 Rob Ryan on Haskins not being ready for the NFL 10:40 A National Champion is declared 20:18 What will we be watching with no sports 30:00 Final thoughts,...

Ashooh & Loverro - Hour 2

Saturday, March 14th
0:03 Calls on the Nationals and their first win 14:17 Finish calls on the Nationals 21:58 The sporting event that will be missed the most 35:21 Marty Conway...

Ashooh & Loverro - Hour 1

Saturday, March 14th
0:03 Nick and Thom are finally back together 12:41 What will we all do without sports in our lives 24:53 Glory Days: Nationals first home win 38:23 Charlie...