Florio: DeAngelo Hall Spreading Redskins' Talking Points On Cousins

Chris Lingebach
March 09, 2018 - 4:18 pm


Redskins corner DeAngelo Hall says he didn't feel Kirk Cousins showed a commitment to playing in Washington. But Mike Florio says that's just Hall spreading the team's talking points.

"You know the talk about DeAngelo Hall saying that Kirk Cousins wasn't committed to Washington?" Florio said to Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan. "I'm sure you talked about that once or twice this week."

"Yes," Dukes acknowledged. "It's come up."

"Keep this in mind. The last two years, Cousins was tagged. He didn't do what Le'Veon Bell did and stay away from everything. He showed up for everything. And he signed the tender and showed up for the offseason program, training (camp), everything. That's a commitment: all-in for the year."

"So, it's the team that didn't make the long-term commitment to Cousins," he said, "not Cousins failing to make the long-term commitment to the team."

Hall remarked on Cousins' commitment to the Redskins during an appearance on ESPN's "SportsCenter," as transcribed by Scott Allen of The Washington Post:

"We kind of felt like the commitment wasn't there from Kirk," Hall said Tuesday. "We obviously wanted Kirk. We franchised him because we wanted him there. It was up to ownership and the front office to kind of work those numbers out. They couldn't get the numbers worked out, so he signed franchise tags those two football seasons. Everybody in that locker room was behind Kirk, wanted him there, but we wanted to feel like he wanted to be there as well. Having played 14 years, I understand, ‘Let’s go get the money,’ but at some point there has to be mutual interest from both parties to want to get better collectively as a team. Paying Kirk probably the $30 million he’s going to get, we couldn't do that and get better as a football team."

"I just wanted to mention that, because that drove me crazy," Florio went on to say. "That's DeAngelo Hall spreading the franchise's talking points as they continue to crap on Kirk Cousins while he's on his way out the door. That's all. I feel better now."

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