Jones: Redskins 'socked in the gut' by latest slew of injuries

Josh Luckenbaugh
November 06, 2018 - 8:48 am

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Jones perfectly summed up how it feels after the Redskins lost three offensive starters to season-ending injuries Monday, telling The Junkies Washington has been "socked in the gut."

Jones believes the losses of offensive linemen Brandon Scherff and Shawn Lauvao will particularly hurt, given how much the Redskins have depended on Adrian Peterson and the ground game (Trent Williams is also expected to miss next week's game against Tampa Bay after undergoing thumb surgery which held him out of Sunday's matchup with the Falcons). 

"The only thing that was working consistently for them was the run game. And the run game, yes it's a running back, but it's five guys working together on that line like a fist," he said. "Now you've got new guys put in place there, it's really going to test the quality of their depth and their coaching."

"But somebody that just came off the street is gonna have to start for them, and that's a really, really scary situation when you think — ok, can they really expect Adrian Peterson is going to be as effective? And Alex Smith does not have the speed and mobility that we've seen in past years it doesn't look like, and so is he gonna have enough time to get anything done?"

"It's going to be difficult for the Redskins, unfortunately, because it just looked they were getting things figured out to win the way it worked for them. And then now, they just get socked in the gut with losing three starters."

And while it may not have as big of an impact, Paul Richardson going on injured reserve could exacerbate the issues in the passing game with Alex Smith under center. 

"Alex Smith is a guy that needs a lot around him, and if he does, then he's gonna run that offense really well," Jones said. "If he's gotta make something out of nothing here, with a bunch of guys who are just average or sub-par, it's going to be difficult for him, and I think that's what we're seeing right here."

"They've gotta get leads, and they've gotta protect them that way, and it's gonna be really hard for them now, because coming from behind and throwing the ball all over the place just isn't their forte."

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