Morgan Moses reveals what happened during Haskins' sideline speech

Ben Krimmel
November 18, 2019 - 11:55 am

One of the lasting images from Dwayne Haskins' home debut was the rookie passer speaking to his offensive lineman on the sideline.

The Washington Redskins fell to 1-9 on the day and Haskins struggled but showed some passion during a conversation with his teammates when he asked, "What do I have to do to help you?"

Right tackle Morgan Moses told The Sports Junkies Monday the conversation was about protections and determining who is responsible for when the Jets blitzed with a young quarterback who is "filled with a lot of emotion."

"But he simply asked us, 'What can I do to help you guys?'" Moses told the Junkies.

The implication, Eric Bickel said, is that you guys were making mistakes.

"No, it is not that," Moses responded. "It is simple math. Here's a word problem for you, if you got seven defenders and only five protectors, how many are not accounted for?"

Well, that would be two. "Exactly, so if you got two guys running free on five-man protection, you're gonna get hit, you're gonna get sacked if you don't get the ball out of your hands like that," Moses said.

"That moment, it wasn't him coming out there chewing us out or anything like that and I understood (where) he was coming from because as a young quarterback and you have an exotic defense like that, you have a star safety (Jamal Adams) that's in the box, he's out the box, and he's a helluva playmaker and you're trying to figure where he's at," Moses said on 106.7 The Fan. "It's almost like you come over there and you're asking truly like, 'Hey man, what can I do?' cause probably he doesn't understand everything that's happening.

"Cause obviously he's looking downfield and he's looking for open receivers and things like that. And so, when you get sacked you're wondering like, 'Where's it coming from?' And you know, simply, when it's a five-man protection and (they're) bringing seven, somebody's gonna be free," Moses told The Junkies.

So how does Haskins solve this problem? Well, it comes with experience.

"If you haven't been out there and haven't been in the offense long, it's hard to see those things," Moses said. "And give credit to the kid, man. He's a helluva football player, man. He's in here willing to learn, he wants to learn, he wants to be great. You know, he's playing through a lot of things that normal quarterbacks, rookie quarterbacks don't play through. His head coach got fired after a couple of weeks, things like that, so for him, he's trying to find his way and we've just gotta do a better job of helping him find his way, as well."

Moses told the Fan the team did change some things up and it is a process of figuring out "what we can do to best suit No. 7 back there and make him comfortable."

"Every pocket (is) not going to be clean," Moses said. "Sometimes he's just gonna have to sit in there and just take a hit and drive the ball down the field."


Listen to the full Morgan Moses interview with The Junkies here.

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