Nate Davis projects Redskins to go 3-13, sees a lot of 'worrisome factors'

Josh Luckenbaugh
July 22, 2019 - 12:35 pm

Every year, USA Today's Nate Davis does win total projections for the upcoming NFL season. And every year, he gets hit with a wave of disagreement and vitriol. 

Things were no different Monday when Davis revealed his 2019 projections, which featured the Redskins going an abysmal 3-13. 

Davis explained to Grant & Danny how he got that record for the Redskins, citing their inexperience and a tough opening stretch. 

"I've been a little skeptical on them since the end of last season," he said. "I very much liked their draft, but when is that gonna pay dividends? Who's the quarterback gonna be?"

"You're talking about an opening of Eagles, Cowboys, Bears the first three weeks. I personally hope they don't throw Dwayne Haskins out to a murderers' row like that -- Patriots in Week 5 too, by the way -- and then you got the Trent Williams situation, and just so much other stuff."

"Given the general quality of the NFC East, certainly Dallas and Philadelphia, it looks like a pretty tough road for them," Davis continued. "They're a young team, they're not stable at the quarterback position. Jay Gruden, is he gonna be coaching to win games or is he gonna try to be developing players?"

"There are things I like about the Redskins. The defense could be good, it's just: do they have weapons on offense? Where's Derrius Guice gonna be? And the schedule, particularly the way it opens, is tough. And if you come out in a 1-4 or 0-5 hole, which it looks like they very well could, these things tend to have a tailspin effect."

Davis sees a lot of question marks on the Redskins offense, from Dwayne Haskins' NFL readiness to Trent Williams' holdout

"You worry that if (Haskins) gets thrown into there this year, is he gonna be ready to dissect and play against NFL defenses?" Davis told Grant & Danny. "Particularly if he's potentially got a left tackle back there who's not Trent Williams."

"Offense protects the defense, defense protects the offense for good teams. And even if the defense is playing up to its potential, if it's out on the field 35 minutes a game, 70 snaps a game, that tends to wear down. So those are all to me worrisome factors that could take the Redskins down."

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