Nationals: Adam Eaton, Victor Robles injury updates

Chris Lingebach
April 10, 2018 - 11:32 pm

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


Top prospect Victor Robles hyper-extended his left elbow in a nasty spill which had many fans fearing the worst.

Robles was injured Monday in a minor league game for Triple-A Syracuse. Attempting to make a diving catch in center field, he landed awkwardly and his left arm got rolled up -- and flopped around, grossly -- underneath his spiraling body. He exited the game in the second inning and was sent for X-rays, which came back negative, and then onto D.C. for further evaluation from team doctors.

"He has a hyper-extension of his left elbow and he's really, really swollen," Nats manager Dave Martinez said after his club's 4-1 win over the Braves Tuesday evening. "So they're going to reevaluate him on Monday when the swelling goes down."

Asked if that was good news, Martinez treaded carefully.

"Well, when you see the video, it looks, like, I thought he broke his elbow," he said. "But until the swelling goes down, they really can't tell, I don't think, what really is going on. But it is a hyper-extension, so if you want to say that's good news... He'll be missed for sure, but hopefully it is good news."

The Nationals did offer some relieving news regarding star left fielder Adam Eaton, who was a last-minute scratch before Tuesday's game. Eaton, who missed most of last season with a torn ACL in his left knee, has a bone bruise in the ankle of that same leg. Although Eaton expects to miss some time on the disabled list, he doesn't expect it to be a significant amount.

He injured the ankle on Thursday, and after leaving that game early, he returned to the lineup relatively quickly, logging 12 innings Sunday evening.

"I think our mindset's a week of kind of relaxing and then going from there with speeding everything up," Eaton said. "The nice thing about it is it only hurts when I walk and jog. Lifting is fine. Sprinting is fine. Throwing is fine. Hitting is fine. So I think once we also get to walking and jogging and that bone healed, we should be able to get off and running relatively quickly, no pun intended, with rehab and then getting back out there.

After showing signs of improvement, Martinez says Eaton came into his office on Tuesday with an ankle that "just felt bad, so we scratched him."

"He got an MRI," Martinez said. "We're waiting to hear back what's gonna happen, but he's got a bad bone contusion in his ankle."

No one seemed quite certain about when Eaton injured his ankle, just that it was at some point Thursday. The club expects to have more information about his recovery Wednesday morning.

"He hurt it. Next day he said he felt good, and then he said it started bothering him," Martinez said. "So we want to be very, very cautious with him right now." 

If Eaton's mood is any indication, then this injury assessment is cause for celebration.

"I still feel pretty good. My knee feels really good," he said. "My ankle's been feeling better, but they just wanted to maybe get an MRI to see what it looks like. Little bone bruise.

"It's one of those things where we can either take care of it now and it won't linger, or we can continue to play on it like we have and it'll... What'd I just say? I don't even know what I said. You know what I'm gonna say. You can either keep playing and we're gonna mess around with it for the whole year, or we can get it right and wash it away and be good."

"We're really gonna concentrate on strength through the process of getting it better, and get my quad correct, and work on things that we kind of ran out of time in spring training," he said. "So this might be a little blessing in disguise and that's kind how we're looking at it and going forward."

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