Nats fortunate for off-day prior to start of pivotal Mets series

Chris Lingebach
August 08, 2019 - 2:17 pm

The Nationals are through two legs of their nine-game road trip, after going 4-2 in Arizona and San Francisco thanks to a three-game sweep of the Giants.

They get an off-day for travel, which should mitigate some of the jet lag, before their trip picks up in Queens for a three-game series against the Mets. Baseball players, after all, are still human beings.

"How disruptive are long road trips to guys who crave routine?" Nationals closer Sean Doolittle was asked during his weekly appearance with Grant & Danny, presented by Lindsay Volvo Cars of Alexandria.

"It's a little bit different. You have to have some flexibility and kind of be able to adapt a little bit," Doolittle answered. "They take really good care of us when we travel. The plane's really nice and the hotels that we stay in are really nice, but it can throw off your body clock.

"It's a lot easier going from the east coast to the west coast, so it's really good that we have an off-day when we fly from San Francisco and then we go to New York to play the Mets, so that's really big."

"But you're right," he continued. "It's a little bit weird, like, coming back from a game or, like our game will end and usually there's other games going on around the league, or you turn on TV and you wanted to see what else happened and all the games are over, cause the west coast here, you're usually the last ones to play every day.

"Or like texting your family and stuff, you fire off some text messages and nobody texts you back because it's like three in the morning at home. So it's a little bit different. But, I don't know. It's been a good trip so far. For me being back on the west coast, it's been a nice visit."

The Nationals remain six games back in the NL East and in control of a Wild Card spot. They hold a 2.5-game lead over the Mets, with whom their series begins Friday.

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