Where in the world is Ryan Zimmerman?

Josh Luckenbaugh
June 03, 2019 - 12:17 pm

The Nationals have rattled off seven wins in their last nine games, inching their way towards contention in the National League East again.

However, Washington is still missing a key part of its lineup: Ryan Zimmerman

Zimmerman has not played since April 27 due to plantar fasciitis in his right foot, and according to the latest reports, does not sound close to a return.

Per Jesse Dougherty of The Washington Post, Zimmerman did not travel with the team on its recent five-game road trip and continues to feel pain when he runs.

"I think he'll make it back this year," Dougherty told The Sports Junkies Monday. "At this point, it's getting odd because you'd think he'd be the starter again when he comes back. The plan was always for him to be the starter at first base."

"But you have Howie Kendrick hitting so well, and you have Matt Adams — who was sort of inching toward a platoon as is, even when Zim was healthy — that we may have seen the last of Ryan Zimmerman as the Nationals' starting first baseman."

"I don't think that he means he won't come back and be an irregular starter or in the mix with a bunch of guys, or pinch-hitter and a bunch of different things. But the way he's healed from this plantar fasciitis in his right foot is not encouraging at all, and he's not even back to running at this point."

"The Nationals are easing him back," Dougherty continued. "He had a setback when he tried to run — that was about a week and a half ago — and he stayed back the entire road trip. 

"He's sort of been not around. He hasn't traveled with the team, he's been working out and rehabbing back here. So it's been an odd season with Zim, but I think we'll see him again playing for the Nats. It's just in that role that he was before, that's what I think would be in question."

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