Zion Williamson would represent a 'rebirth' for the Wizards

Josh Luckenbaugh
May 14, 2019 - 1:24 pm

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery will likely decide Zion Williamson's NBA destination, with the No. 1 overall pick all but guaranteed to be used on Duke's superstar forward.

And after a disastrous season, the Wizards now have a shot — a nine percent shot, to be exact — at landing Williamson and reigniting interest in the franchise. 

"This town would explode," Nick Ashooh told Grant & Danny Tuesday. "It's like a complete rebirth of the organization, the team, the fans."

"One, there's a new general manager coming in, which equals fresh start. Two, then one of the biggest superstars and one of the most anticipates superstars we've had since LeBron James. I don't like the LeBron comparison because he's not the same player as LeBron, but in terms of the hype, the expectations, it's there with Zion."

And even though the odds are low, why not believe the Wizards can get lucky in this new lottery format?

"It used to be that if you had the worst record in the league, you'd have a 25 percent chance at No. 1," Matt Winer of NBA TV told The Sports Junkies. "They leveled that off, it's now the three worst records of the league have the same 14 percent chance."

"But if you add those up even, that means the other 11 lottery teams have a 58 percent chance of getting No. 1. So why not Washington at No. 9? It could happen!

Given all the bad luck that's struck the franchise over the past few years, the Wizards are certainly due a little good fortune. And maybe, just maybe, it comes in the form of Zion Williamson. 

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