Hoffman: NFL schedule proposal 'one of the dumbest' ideas in sports

Chris Lingebach
July 15, 2019 - 10:05 pm

Craig Hoffman of 106.7 The Fan regards the latest proposal from NFL owners for an 18-game schedule as being laughably dumb.

The Redskins reporter went off on the proposal – which would lengthen the regular season to 18 games, while limiting each player to only 16 games – on 106.7 The Fan Monday evening.

"Anyone who has spent any time around NFL organizations, and doesn't just consume the games, would not take this seriously," Hoffman began. "Sometimes I think that we should not just go, 'Well some people are talking about this, so we should talk about this.' And we're gonna take calls, and that's fine. But the levels of complications here are not able to be overcome.

"If we want to talk about an 18-game schedule and how to get there, there is a realistic conversation to have about how that is done, and accommodations that would have to be made to the schedule, to rosters, to pay structures, to a lot of different things. But it is feasible to get there."

"The 16-18 thing is so unrealistic that it is not worth our time," he continued. "And if we want to talk about it, like, fine. We'll do it. It's radio. People have opinions, whatever. But like, as someone who does this for a living, to have to talk about something that is so absurdly unrealistic, and something, by the way. ...What are we even talking about here?"


"It is legitimately one of the dumbest sporting ideas that I can remember," he said. "And this is coming a day after, sitting in the chair that you're sitting in right now, I did a segment that we're gonna re-do later and also expand it out to multiple sports, where we made people king or queen for a day, and said you can change anything you want about the NBA.

"And we're gonna do it with the NFL and we're gonna do it with Major League Baseball. You get to pick your sport, you get to pick your thing. We'll do that later. But that segment was born off of a podcast where three of my favorite NBA people were discussing ideas to change the league, and they were hammered

"Which, there's nothing wrong with," Chris Russell chimed in.

"And this idea is so dumb, that it doesn't touch any of the things that those people came up with when they were drunk," Hoffman concluded.

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