Buck Showalter takes an unprompted shot at Trea Turner

Josh Luckenbaugh
July 25, 2018 - 12:08 pm

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports


Buck Showalter has plenty of problems on his hands. The Orioles have the worst record in all of baseball, are 41.5 games back in the AL East, and within the last week the team has traded two of its brightest stars in Manny Machado and Zach Britton.

Nonetheless, that didn't stop Showalter from taking a shot at Trea Turner for not running out a bunt earlier this week.

During a pre-game interview on Tuesday, Showalter, unprompted by reporters, started complaining about what he sees as "the epidemic of no-run-down-the-line stuff."

"Did you see Trea Turner on the bunt the other day?" Showalter then asked, per The Washington Times. "When I hit a ground ball or pop a ball up I should’ve hit, I wanted to punish my body going down the line. I was so mad at myself."

"What is hustle? How do you define it? It’s not assuming something, right?" Showalter continued. "Effort should never go in a slump."

"I think (Don) Mattingly had the best point he made to a player. He said, 'You’re embarrassing us. You’re projecting something that affects all of us, that makes us all, our team, look that way.'"

Showalter would know a thing or two about what constitutes embarassing. After all, the Orioles are the only team in baseball yet to reach 30 wins. 

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