WATCH: Ovi Jr. erupts with joy after spotting dad on TV

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January 09, 2020 - 10:27 am

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There’s cute, and then there’s the way Alex Ovechkin’s son reacts every time he sees his dad on TV.

It is really cute.

Ovechkin was in Philadelphia on Wednesday night as the Capitals faced the Flyers, and Ovi Jr. was paying close attention. 

In a video Nastasiya Ovechkina shared on Instagram, Ovi Jr. explodes with joy each time he spots his dad. 

Ovi Jr. is on the couch when the video begins, but when Ovechkin appears on the screen, he runs toward the TV and throws his hands in the air in excitement. 

Super adorable, right?

When a close-up of Ovechkin on the ice pops up, Ovi Jr. repeatedly says “Papa!” as he roams the room. 

This is far from the first time we’ve received adorable Ovi Jr. content. Another recent video from Ovechkina showed the Caps star teaching Ovi Jr. to play hockey. 

Ovi teaches Ovi Jr. what hooking in hockey is. Plus (!) baby’s first backhand goal. -- (Video: @nastyashubskaya)

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