More Compelling: RG3 vs. Redskins or Wizards-Raptors?

Chris Lingebach
April 12, 2018 - 7:26 pm


D.C. has long been an odd sports market. Its transient nature alone brings fans from all across the map. But one thing that's remained a constant through the years is D.C.'s Redskins obsession.

Well, with the Capitals and Wizards about to embark on new playoff journeys, surely the intrigue of chasing championships supersedes the level of interest in Redskins preseason in April.

Not so fast.

Didn't you hear? The Redskins play the Ravens this August. The same Ravens team whose roster former Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III hopes to make.

But still. It's the playoffs!

106.7 The Fan host Chad Dukes conducted a quick radio poll Thursday, taking a random sample of the first 10 callers to get through. This was the question he posed to them: "What are you more excited for, Wizards-Raptors, or Griffin starting for the Ravens against the Redskins in August during the preseason?"

Mike in Silver Spring

"With the Wizards, if you're signing your fifth point guard just before the playoffs are starting, I don't think that's a good sign, so I don't see them going too far against Toronto. But with Robert Griffin possibly starting against the Redskins, I was as enamored of this guy as anyone when he first came to town before I realized what a diva he was. And I know people don't play hard in the final game unless you're some undrafted free agent trying to make the team, but I'd love to see a free agent trying to make the team for the Redskins pull down one of his passes and run for a pick-six. He's lucky to still be in football. That's all I can say."

"So, you'd rather see which," Dukes asked. "The football game or the basketball game?"

"Oh, the football game," Mike clarified. "I don't think the Wizards have a chance."

Sean in D.C.

"Man, I have to say, honestly, it's got to be RG3. It's one of those stick-it-to-you type of things. You know, we gave him his shot and it didn't pan out well. I read in the paper today that he said it feels good -- something like in the paper -- when you don't have trucks landing on you, so I kind of like want him to stick it to you, like an ah-ha, na-na na-na boo-boo type of things. So I'm going with RG3 all day, man."

Rico in D.C.

"Man, I'm a big fan of RG3. I never stopped supporting him, you know what I mean? I would like to see him come in and do good. I'd like to see him have a spot on the roster. But the Wizards, they're just full of disappointment, you know. We look forward every year and they just disappoint, so there's just no point to getting all wound up and hoping for them to do something when we know they're not. So I'd rather see KD win something than the Wizards, to be honest. At least they're playing seriously."

Blaze in Maryland

"I am a Browns fan first, Redskins supporter second, and I absolutely cannot stand the Baltimore Ravens, and I think it would be frickin' fantastic to see the Redskins and RG3 both on the same field at the same time again. And how funny would it be if that's the game he gets hurt and ends his season in?"

Again, the Redskins don't play the Ravens in the preseason until August. The Wizards play the Raptors -- in a meaningful basketball game -- on Saturday.

Now, Wizards fans did eventually call in, and the final total resulted in a count of six-votes-to-four, in favor of watching RG3 over the Wizards, but shouldn't that be a clean 10-nothing sweep for the Wiz? Or at the very least, it should be a victory for the Wizards. A brand new slate of playoff games, limitless possibilities... The game is Saturday!

Yes, we're asking the question.

Are you more excited to see the upcoming Wizards-Raptors playoff series, or Robert Griffin III playing against the Redskins, in the preseason, in August?

RG3 vs. Redskins
67% (4 votes)
Wizards vs. Raptors
33% (2 votes)
Total votes: 6

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