TINSMAN: Put Lorenzo Alexander in Redskins' Ring of Fame

Brian Tinsman
January 27, 2020 - 2:39 pm
Put Lorenzo Alexander in Redskins' Ring of Fame

Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Buried in the headlines of another lost football season in Washington was news that favorite adopted son Lorenzo Alexander was hanging up his cleats for the last time.

Alexander may never have a bust in Canton, he may have retired in Buffalo and called himself "a Bill for life," but he deserves all of the credit that Redskins nation can give.

The man so versatile that he earned the name "One Man Gang" has not played for the Redskins since 2012, and technically played less than half of his 15-year career in the burgundy and gold.

And yet, arguably, no player better exemplifies the success of the Redskins organization over the last 20 years.

Success in scouting, recognizing a multi-talented player that the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers had passed over, never giving him a shot at the active roster.

Success in coaching, to convert him from a defensive tackle to a defensive end, offensive lineman, tight end, and eventually linebacker and special teams ace. In doing so, he lost more than 20 percent of his body weight, embraced pilates and yoga, and unlocked a level of athleticism that few could have imagined. 

In 2012, Alexander was named to his first Pro Bowl, an honor that should have happened several times during his tenure in Washington. 

In 2016, as a member of the Bills, he made history by becoming just the second player in NFL history (Adalius Thomas, Baltimore Ravens) to be named to Pro Bowls as a special teamer and later as a position player.

Success was also obvious off the field, where Alexander was a familiar face at community and charitable events for the Redskins, a habit that he carried with him to Arizona, Oakland and Buffalo.

In total, Alexander was named a Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee five times, including twice in Washington and the last three years in Buffalo. Combined with his experience as a small business owner and a notorious family man, and 'Zo is the very best of what the NFL has to offer.

Redskins fans adored him, and rightly so.

This is precisely why the Redskins should embrace Alexander this offseason and place him in the Ring of Fame next season. While his teams may not have had a winning record, he leaves behind a legacy of winning both on and off the field.

Even as the Redskins turn the page on the recent past, Alexander is a piece worth immortalizing, and holding up as the best that this organization has to offer.

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