Grant Paulsen rails against Josh Norman: 'Make a play!'

Chris Lingebach
September 17, 2019 - 5:26 pm

106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen took aim at Josh Norman in an explosive radio outburst Monday, bemoaning that he's tired of the 31-year-old Redskisn corner's act amidst his declining play.

"He ranted about the media after the game yesterday," Paulsen said of Norman. "This is classic deflection stuff. This is classic loser handling of business after the game. I'm not gonna say he got beat, because he was on an island and he get burned, and he wasn't supposed to have no help. I don't know, or really care, what happened."

"The bottom line is Josh Norman, again, was trailing someone who scored a 50-yard touchdown," he said. "Not all his fault, but that's just what happened."

"After the game, your $15 million man and one of your leaders in the locker room spent a couple of minutes talking about how the media twisted his words on Dak Prescott, and he didn't actually say that Dak Prescott's not that good, or whatever the comment was," Paulsen continued. "I also don't care about that."

"I am just so tired of the act," he said. "And it's not even an act; I shouldn't say that. I think he's authentic. I think he is exactly who you see and he cares a lot, which I give him credit for. I'm just exhausted by it. You don't help me that much. You don't make enough plays."

"Does he run well enough to cover fast wide receivers in this league anymore? The answer's no," Paulsen went on. "I'm not sure anything else matters. The secret is out. You need to have a safety on his side of the field when there's a fast receiver against him. That in and of itself is a story!"

"Tell me more about the cane he came into the locker room holding, or the outfits (or) J-No's drip today," Paulsen began working himself into a lather. "I don't care about J-No's drip. I don't care about J-No's drip! Please stop giving up 50-yard touchdowns immediately! J-No, drip. I don't care... about that!"

"Sorry," Paulsen said, taking a moment to collect himself.

Norman is in the fourth year of a five-year, $75 million deal he signed with Washington in 2016.

"It's just, it's so annoying to me. It's so annoying," Paulsen resumed. "Let's list the plays he's made here. List them! Now! List them all!"

"He had an interception that time Cam Newton threw a punt up in the air!" he shouted. "He caught it – fair catch – and he stood under it and caught it. He didn't drop that one!"

"Sour apples... I'm a sour apple from hell," Paulsen said, referencing Norman's remarks Sunday about the media. "How about that? I'm a sour apple from hell. I'm a sour apple from hell, now make a play! I'll be a sour apple from hell. You be a playmaker! Make one! Just once! Make one."


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