Disrespected, Chad Dukes goes off on the City of Fairfax and radio rival

Chris Lingebach
June 17, 2019 - 6:26 pm

Chad Dukes was royally insulted to see the City of Fairfax, where he owns two small businesses, use a photo of a radio competitor to promote his own appearance in Northern Virginia Magazine.

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Just a week ago, Northern Virginia Mag lauded Dukes as the best evening DJ of 2019, a distinct honor Dukes has carried a number of times. Recognizing this as an opportunity to tout its local businesses, the Fairfax City Economic Development Authority created a Facebook post linking to the online article, shouting out Dukes and the other Fairfax establishments he mentioned in it. 

There was one big problem: The photo shows Elliot in the morning, not Chad Dukes.

What happened here, from a dumbed-down social media perspective, is Northern Virginia Magazine chose Elliot's photo as the main event for the story, making it what auto-populates as the preview photo any time the link is shared on social media.

So Fairfax City Economic Development Authority chose to share the link with the preview photo that loads automatically, rather than posting a photo of Dukes with a link for users to manually click through. They even acknowledged as much in their reply to Dukes on Facebook: "Chad - Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, when we upload the link it pulls directly from the source site. We're researching on how/if this can be edited. ^dn."

"They posted a picture of Elliot in the morning! Elliot in the morning!" Dukes went off Monday on 106.7 The Fan. "I'm the only person on 106.7 The Fan that won an award in this fakakta magazine. Nobody here at the radio station cares. Not one sale person's asked me for a copy. Nobody's even mentioned it. It's like everything else I do: a mild inconvenience.

"And that's fine. I like the job. I like working here. I can deal with it, the tacit disrespect. But the fact that this is the Economic Development Authority for the city where I OWN A SMALL BUSINESS! They mention two other businesses, not mine, and then post a picture of Elliot in the morning! Who, if you took away the ability to cackle, would have an approximately 37-minute radio show every morning! If you took away all of the EDM music and the ability to cackle, he would probably fill the same amount of time as one episode of Big Bang Theory!"

"He's the absolute worst," Dukes assailed. "You people are STUPID that listen to his show. And that is the LOSER they put instead of ME."

"Play more Mumford & Sons, why don't ya? Oh my GOD," he continued. "The only funny thing that's ever happened on Elliot in the Morning is when he thought I was Lance Armstrong. That's the only funny thing that's ever happened... I mean anyone else, dude. Put Rush Limbaugh on there. I'm a big fat guy. Maybe you confused us."

"They mentioned the place right next door to your store," his producer chimed in, eliciting a loud sigh from Dukes.

"I would have rather they put Jack Diamond. Seriously," Dukes said with disgust. "Hell, I'd rather you put B-Mitch or Czaban! How does that happen? It's me, right? Like, at some point, I'm putting so much negative energy out into the world, that I think this is the world just saying like, 'We're gonna settle your hash, fat boy. We're gonna make sure that we straighten your ass out.'

"Look, I don't mean a lot, but I've worked hard. I've been in this business a good, long time. This has to be the most disrespectful thing that has ever happened to me in my life."

DISCLOSURE: Commonwealth Dry Goods is a wonderful little store located right in the heart of downtown Fairfax and is certainly worthy of your business.

UPDATE – Tuesday, 4:00 p.m.

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