The Ravens blew the Redskins out of the water in D.C. TV ratings

Chris Lingebach
December 02, 2019 - 2:49 pm

The Baltimore Ravens have officially eclipsed the Washington Redskins in popularity in their own backyard, if only for one Sunday.

Sunday's Ravens-49ers broadcast received a 9.5 TV rating in the D.C. market, far outdrawing the Redskins-Panthers broadcast which aired at the same time on CBS, garnering a paltry 5.3 rating.

The 2-9 Redskins facing the 5-6 Panthers, while it turned out to be a great game, wasn't exactly a marquee matchup. Alternately, the 9-2 Ravens vs. the 10-1 49ers was a matchup billed as a potential Super Bowl preview, the game of the year, and may very well have lived up to the hype.

Objectively speaking, would you rather watch two bad football teams or two elite teams square off?

All that considered and it's still fairly stunning that the Ravens are nearly doubling the Redskins' TV ratings in the D.C. market. Even when the Redskins have been bad, which has been more often than not over the past two decades, Redskins fans, if not attending the games, were at least watching from home.

Now they're not only not doing that, they're choosing to watch someone else.

Whether this is in an aberration or the beginning of a trend, only time will tell. But for the time being, the Redskins aren't drawing at the gates or in your living room, something that should give the organization great pause while considering how to win their fans back. Or it may just lose them to the Baltimore Ravens.

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