Paulsen: Pass-catchers not lining up to play with Haskins

The Fan News Desk
March 18, 2020 - 10:25 am

Could the Redskins be striking out on top talent because pass-catchers aren't thrilled with the idea of Dwayne Haskins throwing to them?

That's the chatter 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen is hearing.

"The Redskins, in the conversations they're having with pass-catchers, are being hindered, not helped right now, by their quarterback situation," Paulsen said Tuesday. "Meaning, when they're trying to lure Amari Cooper away from Dallas, the fact that their quarterback is a guy who struggled as much as Dwayne Haskins did last year is not being viewed as kind of an asset, or, 'Yeah I want to come there to play with that guy.'"

The Redskins missed out on signing free agent receiver Amari Cooper this week, who reportedly turned down more money from Washington to return to Dallas.

"Right now their quarterback situation is hurting them a little bit," Paulsen added. "I think the same thing happened with Austin Hooper perhaps as well, although they didn't end up coming up as much with the value that they needed to and the money was the reason he didn't come."

"But just as a general discussion that I heard last night – agents, players, pass-catchers – they don't look at the Redskins as, 'Oh, let's go there and work with that offense. Let's go there and work with that coordinator or that quarterback.' They're not getting that luster."

When fellow host Danny Rouhier observed free agents should be skeptical about Scott Turner as a young offensive coordinator and Rivera not being an offensive-minded coach, Paulsen remarked that what he's heard was "less about the coaches."

"What I heard was more about the quarterback," Paulsen said. "I would say that when you're drafted in the top 15, and you're normally a year into your career, I would say more often than not – if you're on the right path – receivers are saying, 'Let me go play with that guy.'

"Like I don't think there are people that are gonna turn the Giants down because they got Daniel Jones, necessarily. Now I'm not saying they're turning the Redskins down. I just would like it to have been, on draft night last year, if you said, 'Hey, do you think Dwayne Haskins is gonna help the Redskins lure some receivers to Washington, D.C.?'

"I'd like to think after seeing him play for over half the season last year, the answer would be yes, and that's not necessarily happening."