Bruce Allen on Trent Williams: 'I know what the truth is'

Chris Lingebach
June 07, 2019 - 3:48 pm

Redskins president Bruce Allen has weighed in on his star left tackle's absence from mandatory minicamp.

The first sign there was an issue arose when Trent Williams failed to appear at Redskins Park on Tuesday. That same day, 106.7 The Fan contributor Erin Hawksworth reported that Williams, who is entering the fourth year of a five-year, $68 million contract, was requesting either a trade or a new contract from the Redskins.

The matter became more entangled Wednesday, when Jason La Canfora reported that Williams, due to the team's handling of a recent health scare, has "vowed not to play for them" again.

Williams had a growth or tumor of some sort on his scalp that doctors feared could be malignant. The growth was removed earlier this offseason and Williams was expected at the time to be ready by training camp. That is, until he failed to appear this week.

"I know what Trent told me so I know what the truth is," Allen told JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington on Friday. "I'll leave my conversation with Trent between the two of us."

"Trent has been a valuable player for us and that's why we signed him to the contract he has," Allen said. When asked about La Canfora's report, Allen seemed dismissive, Finlay reports.

"I've talked to Trent a few times," Allen said. "He's explained some things to me and I'll leave it at that."

"I believe, and I've had folks around the league tell me that this thing will probably be about money, and be about the financial details of Trent's contract," Finlay told 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes later Friday. "And there's not a lot of guaranteed salary."

"That's, in my opinion, an extraordinarily big deal," Dukes replied. "Because the difference between 'I thought I had cancer. You guys screwed this up. I don't trust this organization any more.' Baby face, immediately. You're a good guy. You're a blue-eye. You're a white hat. You're always gonna have the sympathy.

"If it's not that, and even worse than, if you're floating that, and it's actually about money, that ain't gonna go over with the fanbase whatsoever."

"But I think it can be about lots of things," Finlay said. "I think it can be about the medical situation right now, in early June, but I think money is what can fix things in mid-August."

Jay Gruden this week stuck up for the Redskins' medical staff, saying it's "done a good job," but mostly avoided addressing any medical concerns directly. Although, he did tip his hand a little.

"Well I know he's frustrated," Gruden said of Williams on Wednesday. "Any time you have something done, that procedure like that, that magnitude, you want to find the reason. You wish something maybe could have been done differently, or different timing. But our doctors are very good. I know they did the best they can. I mean they have plenty of degrees. I know they did the right thing in their mind. And I know Trent's probably frustrated, but at the end of the day, we want him back, staff wants him back, the players want him back and hopefully we'll get it fixed."

Fellow Redskins tackle Morgan Moses came to Williams' defense this week, telling John Keim, "It's about time someone like that stands up."

"It's not just a situation here; it happens throughout the league," Moses said. "To have one of our peers like Trent to stand up like that means a lot. His scare is one you never want to have, but you've got to take care of yourself."

"We're all frustrated with players getting injured," Allen said Friday. "They only see the doctors after players get injured."

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