La Canfora: Redskins can still 'mend fences' with Trent Williams

Josh Luckenbaugh
July 29, 2019 - 10:46 am

As the Redskins head into their second week of training camp, there seems to be no resolution in sight to the Trent Williams situation.

Washington's star left tackle remains a no-show in Richmond, Sports Insider Jason La Canfora doubling down on a previous report Sunday the relationship between Williams and the Redskins is 'totally fractured.'

But on with The Sports Junkies Monday, La Canfora said there's still time for the time sides to fix their differences. 

"There's always a way to change someone's mind or to tend to their fears, or try to build a bridge," said La Canfora. "But this is not like I reported something new. I just reiterated ... what I reported months ago."

"If they're able to help change his stance or mend fences or work this out, great. I didn't say there's no way he would ever play for them again. I'm just reiterating what he has told them, which is: 'I want out. I don't intend to come to training camp. I don't want to play for this team. I can't trust the people who I have to put my health in their hands every time I go out and play football.'"

"Are they able to placate that? Sure, but am I surprised in the least that he's not there? Hell no, no I'm not surprised. I saw it coming two months ago."

According to La Canfora's report, Williams' issue with the team revolves around "their handling of his recent medical situation," a situation which included a growth on his head which needed to be surgically removed. Redskins of Senior VP of PR Tony Wyllie said in a statement the report is "100 percent false."

"How can the team deny something that involves a player's mindset who's not there? He's not there because they don't want him there. He's not there because he doesn't want to be there."

"I continue to hear -- and I'm hardly the only person who's heard -- that this is not a fiscal standoff."

While Williams may not be willing to miss out on game checks -- in fact, he's losing $40,000 every day of training campe he skips -- La Canfora says he's ready to move on from Washington.

"I think he's prepared to force a trade or find a way to take his talents elsewhere," La Canfora told the Junkies. "But do I think that's the only outcome? No."

"I don't know who would be that person in the organization -- it probably would have to be Dan (Snyder), honestly. It would have to be direct ownership level stuff to get him to a point where he feels like he can buy back in on the 'Skins."

And if the Redskins want to see Williams back in burgundy and gold, it's gonna take some more time to heal those wounds. 

"It's gonna depend on their degree of patience," said La Canfora. "And if there's a point where they feel like, okay, we really can make this work and figure out a way to salvage this."

"Or does it get to a point where it's like, okay you know what, we just got to move on from this. It's becoming too much of a talking point, it's becoming too much of a focus."

"Maybe we will be able to make it work, maybe we won't. But from a football standpoint, we need to address that position and move on."

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