Sources: Dan Snyder 'furious' with Bruce Allen

Chris Lingebach
April 04, 2018 - 9:43 am

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The latest out of Redskins Park is that owner Dan Snyder is furious with team president Bruce Allen.

According to Redskins Insider Chris Russell, a cumulative effect of negative PR has compounded to put Allen in the position of fighting for his current job, and another "major episode" could push him out of the football operations department altogether.

Behind The Bombshell: Why Snyder's So Furious

"This is going to be an interesting thing to watch out for," Russell told The Sports Junkies Wednesday morning. "I'm told that Dan is furious with Bruce. He is very, very, very frustrated with the leadership of the organization and the constant embarrassments, PR-wise. Of course, not winning enough to justify anything on the field. The McCloughan situation. Bypassing better coaches, i.e. Wade Phillips. That type of thing. It's been a cumulative thing. "

According to Russell, the bungling of contract negotiations with former starting quarterback Kirk Cousins -- which ultimately led to the Redskins trading for Alex Smith, and Cousins signing with the Minnesota Vikings -- has also been a major contributor to Snyder's current mood.

"Maybe this hasn't been that public, but Dan was -- after an initial, 'eh, let's wait and see' -- Dan was very much in favor of getting a long-term deal done with Kirk Cousins," Russell said, "and grew increasingly frustrated with all of these episodes, all of this drama, all of the bad PR, all the fan backlash, all of the media backlash. And make no mistake about it, media backlash does count in that building."

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Another black mark on the organization could trigger movement from Snyder, resulting in Eric Schaffer, Senior VP of Football Operations/General Counsel, taking over football operations.

"I'm told that Dan -- he's not going to make a move today, or any time right now -- but if another major episode happens, or if they do not win this year," Russell said, "the full expectation among a couple of people, including a couple of high-end people, is that they will reassign Bruce into the stadium development department, to lead that, and take him out of football. Eric Schaffer fully taking over."

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