SNIDER: Redskins defense requires new leader

Rick Snider
September 08, 2019 - 5:47 pm
Redskins defense requires new leader

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins need a new defensive coordinator.
It's time to switch to assistants Rob Ryan or even Jim Tomsula, because coordinator Greg Manusky's defense looked clueless Sunday, much like the last two years. The Redskins have looked to replace him over the past two offseasons, but nobody wanted a job that might only last one year. Thus, Manusky stayed.
But Washington's defense was horrible in the second half of the 32-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins blew a 17-0 lead when the Eagles just owned the second half. Philadelphia scored three touchdowns and two field goals in five second-half possessions.
Where was double coverage on Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson? It's not like the Redskins didn't know their former receiver couldn't burn single coverage. His 51-yard touchdown changed the game, despite only cutting Washington's lead to 17-7. His 53-yard score made it 21-20 Philadelphia. And yet, nobody was near him, especially on the second score.
This defense is way too good to give up 32 points, including 25 in one half. They weren't in proper position. They didn't blitz effectively. Pass coverage was poorly planned. Everything just stunk.
Now cutting a coordinator after one game seems reactionary, but the Redskins have seen this same poor coaching over the last two seasons. If there's a chance of avoiding an expected 1-4 start that eventually leads to the season-ending sacking of coach Jay Gruden and his staff, a change needs to be made now.
Ryan would be the best replacement. Show me a Ryan that doesn't want to take a poke at you, from the old man who was nobody's Buddy, to his sons Rex and Rob.
Rob Ryan has 20 years in the NFL with four stints as a defensive coordinator. He just needed a job this season and took a demotion after three years with Buffalo. Ryan's defenses were often ranked well and he has the pass rush on this team to pressure opponents regularly.
Tomsula was San Francisco's head coach in 2015 before being fired. But, we're talking defensive coordinator, and, frankly, his work has been a little underwhelming given two first-rounders on the line.
The defense needs a swift kick and there's nobody better than the Ryan family to do it. It's time for a change.
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