JUNKIES: Redskins 'desperate' to get a QB upgrade over Colt McCoy

Josh Luckenbaugh
February 19, 2019 - 11:56 am

On Friday, reports surfaced the Redskins were major players in the Joe Flacco trade discussions before the Ravens ultimately dealt him to the Broncos. 

If true, what do these reports tells us about Washington's plans at quarterback?

For The Sports Junkies, it signals a desperation to not start the season with Colt McCoy as the starter. 

"I'm not surprised because I don't believe that Jay, Bruce and Dan really want to go into next year with Colt McCoy as their starter," said Jason Bishop Tuesday. "I don't know how they'd work the financials out, you'd have to open up the book for us, but I would figure they could probably maneuver some contracts around where they could fit a smaller contract in."

"It is very telling to me, from the Gruden front: desperate to get an upgrade over Colt McCoy," added John-Paul Flaim. "Because he knows, with Colt, they're a six win team at best, and he's out." 

"His job is on the line. He knows this is do-or-die time, and he has a better chance of winning (with Flacco)," John "Cakes" Auville said. "Even though Joe Flacco's not great, he's an upgrade over Colt McCoy."

However, as Eric "EB" Bickel mentioned, adding the contract of a veteran QB like Flacco might just open up more holes on the roster. The Redskins lack much financial flexibility this offseason due to the Alex Smith contract.

"I don't think they want to (start McCoy) either, but I don't think they have a choice," said EB. "You're just gonna open bigger and bigger holes on a Swiss cheese roster."

"You can't invest that much in one position. Especially in one player."

While that could very well prove true, the other Junkies see the pursuit of a new quarterback as the Redskins trying to inject some excitement into an abject fan base. 

Flaim: When you're down 19 percent in attendance — and who knows what that means in terms of all of the revenue that comes from that: the alcohol sold, the food sold, the jerseys sold — they're losing a lot of money because there's just not the interest. 

Bishop: There are a bunch of factors, but the number one factor is they realize that they cannot win a division or go to the playoffs with Colt McCoy for 16 games. And I like Colt. Colt's a great dude, he's just limited. 

Cakes: He's a back-up. He's one of your better back-ups in the league, he shouldn't be starting 16 games.

Flaim: And he's injury-prone. It's proven out. He's an injury waiting to happen.

Indeed, McCoy played in just one full game after coming on in relief of the injured Smith in Week 11, suffering a broken leg in the first half of the Week 13 loss to the Eagles which ended his season. He's expected to be fully recovered by the start of 2019 training camp, but the durability questions remain.

And unable to count on McCoy to stay healthy for an entire season, bringing in another veteran signal-caller may be the only way for the Redskins to stay competitive in 2019. 

"They think they're close, or at least they say, 'We're close,'" said Flaim. "They might be looking at, hey, if we get someone like Joe Flacco or Nick Foles, comparable to an Alex Smith. We were 6-3 with Alex Smith, we were on the path to the playoffs." 

"So let's go all in, do that, it's the most important position, even if that means we're gonna cut a middle linebacker, we're gonna cut a cornerback, we're gonna cut one of our defensive lineman, we're not gonna re-sign Preston Smith."

"To me, that's what it was a signal for. They are gonna do everything in their power to try and get to 9-7."

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