It's early, but Dwayne Haskins is impressing in OTAs

Josh Luckenbaugh
May 22, 2019 - 1:19 pm

Reuben Foster's season-ending injury has obviously dominated the talk surrounding Redskins OTAs thus far. But on the practice fields, Dwayne Haskins appears to be making quite a mark as he competes with Case Keenum for the starting QB job. 

"What always impressed them ... was the skillset," John Keim told The Sports Junkies Wednesday. "They always talk about arm talent, and it's not that he's got some Howitzer. It's just that he throws a nice ball, and even when we're out there watching him, you can see he throws a nice ball."

"The skillset was always something that they were impressed with, and I think that's jumped out during these practices. And I think the personality, too. Haskins has a pretty good personality, guys seem to respond to him and like him."

However, turning heads during OTAs and earning the Week 1 start at quarterback are entirely different matters, and Keim notes Haskins has a steeper learning curve as a rookie than Keenum. 

"While Case Keenum has to learn the Redskins offense, Haskins has to learn the Redskins offense plus operating in a different way than he did at Ohio State," he told the Junkies.

"Even little things, the footwork on play-action when you're lining up under-center, something he didn't do in games at Ohio State. The way you're gonna have to process and read the defense, something that Keenum will already know."

"All we know is that it's been a good start for Haskins, and it's still May 22," Keim continued. "That's what we know, but when you watch him, he certainly looks impressive out there, within the context of what we're seeing: shorts, no real rush, and all that."

"The other thing with Keenum we're not gonna see yet is the ability to make plays and improvise. That's part of his game so you're not gonna see a lot of that yet, and that's where I think he stands out."

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