Redskins fans are raving about this Dwayne Haskins film session

Chris Lingebach
May 16, 2019 - 8:48 pm

There's an Ohio State film session video of Dwayne Haskins breaking down the tape against Michigan that Redskins fans are over the moon for right now.

The video – posted to YouTube in Dec. 2018 – features Haskins taking Big Ten Network analyst Gerry DiNardo through the film of Ohio's State's latest victory. Ohio State had just wrecked Michigan 62-39 to improve to 11-1 on the year. Michigan was no slouch; the 10-1 Wolverines were the No. 4 ranked team in the country coming into this game. Haskins tore them up for 396 yards and six touchdowns on a 64.5 completion percentage.

Redskins fans are raving about the intelligence and processing ability Haskins clearly shows in the video. In the video, you can tell DiNardo's clearly impressed, too.

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Here's the dialogue as Haskins breaks down one play, a 24-yard touchdown pass to receiver Chris Olave in the second quarter, which you can find at the 2:49 mark in the video above.

DiNardo: Alright, Dwayne. Tell us about this play.

Haskins: We see we've got like a bracket on No. 2 – that's Terry in the slot – and we have one-on-one to the outside. So we've been working on this play all week in practice, and it just so happens that Olave's in the game. So we make the check at the line, tell the line what the new play is. I do my play-action fake, I see that 7 running to the field – it's man coverage. So then right now, it's just 28. We've been picking on 28 so far all game, and Olave does a great route, giving him an inside jab. And then at this point, he's like almost out of bounds. You see him? I look at the safety first and see where he's at. 14. 

DiNardo: Where's the safety? Okay. 14.

Haskins: I find 14. Cause usually it's to Terry first, then to the outside guy. So I see they're bracketing Terry, so then at this point, I'm trying to find Olave's angle, and to be honest, there really isn't an angle. 

DiNardo: When you say 'angle,' what do you mean?

Haskins: So like, it's like not a clear path for me to see where to throw the ball at. So at this point, I'm gonna give him a 50-50 chance to go catch the ball, and I know that I can throw it to him inside because he's running back inside off of him getting pushed almost out of bounds. In man coverage, a lot of time the corners don't look back for the ball, so I'm giving (Olave) a chance to go find it, because his eyes are on me, not the corner. So, at this point, he just plays basketball, plays football, goes up and gets the ball. He makes a hell of a play."

DiNardo: This may have been my favorite play of the game, because I'm watching this game live and I say, 'How did he know to bring him inside?' It's kind of like you throw him open. Is that the expression?

Haskins: Yeah. Mhmm. Yep.

The next sequence (4:14) shows Haskins explaining to DiNardo how he felt – rather than saw – incoming pressure and had the wherewithal to sidestep in the pocket, buying himself time to find an open receiver. DiNardo seems impressed with Haskins' pocket presence here.

For what it's worth, Doug Farrar of USA Today – who specializes in film review – lauded Haskins for his ability to process information, saying, "For a rookie, for a guy who's never played an NFL down, the extent to which he's able to process things is scary."

DiNardo: So Dwayne, on this play, you set your feet when you get the snap and then you move to your left. What makes you do that?

Haskins: So, Michigan does a lot of stunts and twists. So they're twisting right here, twisting to the field, and it leaves a really big gap to my left side. And 7 takes the first read, so then at this point, I'm like, 'Okay, I'm not going to my first read on the mesh route,' so I've got to find some space because I feel a lot of pressure to my right. The pocket's closing a little bit to my right.

DiNardo: Stop there. You say you feel it. Do you see it at all? 

Haskins: I don't see it, I just feel it. I can feel a heavy pass rush to my right side, and I feel not as much pressure to the left, so I'm finding a dead spot in the pocket to get a good angle to find Parris (Campbell), so he can see me. So I'm moving to my left and then I wait till Parris shows me his eyes, because I don't want to throw him by surprise with a fast pass. So I'm waiting until he gives me his eyes, buy him some time on the route, and then it's right there as soon as he turns around.

DiNardo: So you move to your left to avoid pressure, but also so Parris can see you?

Haskins: Yeah, so with a lot of stopping routes, like coming back to the quarterback, when the receiver isn't looking at you, it's hard for them to get their hands up and their eyes up to look at the quarterback at the same time. So he's running his route. He's worried about the defender, not me. So he's trying to beat the pass rush because he's got a time clock in his head. So he's worried about the pass rush. He's getting there and then I make it easy to catch for him, wait until he gives me his eyes and his body language to show he's ready for the ball. And then that's when I throw it to him.

"Sounds like a real student of the game," Eric Bickel remarked on The Sports Junkies Thursday.

"He knows based on the coverage of being single-high what he's gonna have available, who's in pass protection," said J.P. Flaim. "Those are the type of concepts you want to know."

"All while delivering a strike, too," their producer remarked.

If you're unable to view the video above, follow this link to YouTube here. DiNardo is joining The Junkies Friday morning at 8:40 to share his experience with Haskins.

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