SNIDER: Redskins heated when hitting the wall

Rick Snider
July 30, 2019 - 6:00 pm
Redskins heated when hitting the wall

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


The Redskins found the wall in training camp.

It only takes a few days in the heat to make linemen start fighting, running between the tackles harder and quarterbacks knowing the guy that just went by them would have been a brutal sack in a game.

With field temperatures near 100 degrees, the Redskins looked a little sluggish at times, angry at others. It's natural.

The defense got the better of the offense, both talking trash and picking off passes. And that made the folks in white jerseys a little bitter. Guard Tyler Catalina took umbrage to defensive lineman JoJo Wicker's pass-rushing style. A couple good punches to the helmet by Tyler soon turned into a 15-man skirmish that needed a second calming down to finally break up. Tight end Matt Flanagan followed by burying a linebacker on the next play.

All friends here, folks. Just the heat talking.

The secondary bewildered the three quarterbacks at times. Jimmy Moreland, who seems to generate notice daily, picked off two passes. But then the offense gained its moments, too. Rookie receiver Stephen Sims, who seems to make big plays regularly, hauled in a deep bomb in the end zone's corner. Moreland and Sims will be hard to keep off the final roster.

Of course, the three passers were the centerpiece. Case Keenum continues to work best downfield. Colt McCoy had some missteps, but rallied back. Dwayne Haskins is gaining consistency by the practice and threw nice intermediate routes, though one pass got away as a blitzing Josh Norman nearly lit the passer up.

A bizarre moment came at the end. Dustin Hopkins hit the right upright. He followed by hitting the left upright. But the third one was just right, splitting the middle high above the netting to end practice.

Just another day in the heat box, trying to gel in a pool of sweat.

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