Redskins' Homecoming offers a sad look into an eroding franchise

Chris Lingebach
October 20, 2019 - 2:04 pm
Redskins' Homecoming offers sad look into eroding franchise

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


The Washington Redskins welcomed the San Francisco 49ers to FedEx Field on a rain-soaked, dreary Sunday for their annual homecoming game.

The optics heading into the stadium were... sad.

There was perhaps no greater sign of the times for the 1-5 Redskins than this fact: The Redskins mixed up their own championship years, on their own game tickets.

Doug Williams won Super Bowl XXII in Jan. 1988, the 1987 Redskins season; Joe Theismann won Super Bowl XVII in Jan. 1983, the 1982 Redskins season.

On Sunday's game tickets, you'll notice the year 1982 ascribed to Williams, and the year 1987 ascribed to Theismann – the inverse of reality.

The pre-game homecoming celebration, meant to celebrate the team's rich history, wasn't exactly a rousing display, either.

The lower level eventually filled in nicely by game time, in time to see the Redskins spring out of the gate with a 65-yard opening drive – along which Adrian Peterson rushed for 49 yards on eight carries – only to stall out at the 49ers' 21-yard line, followed by a 39-yard Dustin Hopkins missed field goal.

The Redskins are also inducting former tackle Chris Samuels into the Ring of Fame at halftime.

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