Redskins and Jets share common bond: Ineptitude

Ben Krimmel
November 15, 2019 - 11:52 am

Sunday at FedEx Field the two teams will peer across the field and it is gonna be like looking in a mirror.

The Washington Redskins host the New York Jets in Week 11. Between the two squads, they have three wins,15 defeats on the season, and a host of off-field issues.

But do the Redskins, who are the oddsmakers' favorites for this matchup, get their second win?

"I kinda weirdly do (think the Skins win)," 106.7 The Fan's Craig Hoffman told The Sports Junkies Friday.

"The Jets are really bad and the thing is, they're a big a dumpster fire as the Skins are right now," Hoffman added.

Hoffman then referenced the Jets fining Quincy Enuwa, a wide receiver who is on injured reserve, the maximum amount under the CBA for missing two treatments. Earlier this season, New York fined guard Kelechi Osemele for conduct detrimental to the team over a dispute about a shoulder injury. The team said the surgery Osemele underwent was unauthorized and he was released. 

"The Redskins and Jets with like this medical situations, their ineptitude on the field like they are the Spider-Man meme," Hoffman said. "They are the two Spider-Mans pointing at each other going, 'Ah, you?' 'Me?' 'You?' 'Me?'"

For the Redskins, their medical situation was the elongated holdout of left tackle Trent Williams, which has been extensively chronicled.  

And if the off the field comparison wasn't enough for you, consider the on-field similarities: Both will start young quarterbacks from college powerhouses with major question marks hanging over them. 

Both rank in the bottom of offensive efficiency for the season: The Redskins are 29th in passing and 30th in rushing and the Jets are dead last in passing and 28th in rushing, per Football Outsiders. And on the defensive side of the ball, the analytics site ranks New York's defense as 11th in DVOA and Washington as 24th.

While the pressure on Dwayne Haskins is much less than that on Sam Darnold, who is making his 20th career start to Haskins' second, but there is still some pressure on the Washington rookie.

This is the first time the 15th overall pick from 2019 will start in front of his home crowd. The jitters will be real, the anxiousness will be there, and the Jets defense led by Gregg Williams will surely be planning plenty of blitzes.

Having said all that, Hoffman still thinks the home team can eke out their second win of the 2019 season.

"I think that they're set up to potentially have success this weekend," Hoffman said about the Redskins. "They should have some success this weekend if they're smart with how they deploy some things, but, like, they're the Redskins and they're not very good at football. And so, I don't feel good about it."

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