Jonathan Allen: I still have a 'ton of respect' for D.J. Swearinger

Josh Luckenbaugh
January 16, 2019 - 9:24 am

Jonathan Allen addressed D.J Swearinger's controversial comments and release on The Sports Junkies Wednesday, saying he still has a "ton of respect" for Swearinger despite their disagreements over the safety's public criticisms of Greg Manusky which resulted in Swearinger being cut by the Redskins

After Swearinger described Manusky's play-calling during a Week 16 loss to the Titans as "horrible," Allen notably tweeted his support for the Redskins defensive coordinator.

"If you guys publicly criticize your boss multiple times during the year, I highly doubt your boss would like that," Allen said Wednesday. "Whether you believe you're right or wrong, I feel like there's a certain way you should go about it." 

"If I have a problem with any of my coaches, I'm gonna go sit in their office and talk to them about it. Not to say nothing bad about D.J., and people made it into this big me vs. him. I love D.J., I love the guy. We had a different opinion, but that doesn't mean I think anything less of him."

"You have 80 guys in the locker room, of course everybody's not gonna agree about everything," Allen continued. "We just looked at it two different ways, but I still have a ton of respect for the guy and I love the way he plays."

Allen blamed Washington's defensive struggles down the stretch on a lack of execution, the players failing to do enough of the "little things" right.

"Towards the end of the year, we lost connection with doing the little things right in practice, and it started to show," Allen told the Junkies. "If the little things aren't done at a certain way, they're gonna turn into big things that are gonna be hard to correct later in the year."

"If you look back at four of our losses, it's two plays or a play here and there that decided the game."

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