Pauline: Redskins likely to bid on Philip Rivers

Chris Lingebach
March 06, 2020 - 12:08 pm

The Redskins are likely to make a bid for veteran quarterback Philip Rivers once free agency begins, Pro Football Network's Tony Pauline tells 106.7 The Fan.

Pauline first reported over the weekend sources were telling him they expect the Redskins to make a bid for Rivers. He expanded on that reporting with The Sports Junkies.

"People at the combine who I spoke with believe that the Redskins were gonna put a bid in for Philip Rivers," Pauline said on 106.7 The Fan. "They didn't think they were gonna get him, but it may come down to money. But they thought that once free agency starts, that they're gonna try and put a bid in for Philip Rivers."

The Chargers announced in February they were mutually parting ways with 38-year-old Rivers, whose contract is set to expire when the new league year begins.

"The belief is he's still gonna end up with Indianapolis," said Pauline, "but it's interesting that the Skins do want to come in and get a veteran quarterback like Rivers."

The interesting component to this is that the Redskins already have a quarterback in Dwayne Haskins. Showing interest in Rivers would presume there's something about Haskins the Redskins aren't quite sold on.

"I don't know that that means they've given up on Haskins, because I've been told that Rivera and some of the other guys in the front office do like Haskins," Pauline said. "There are also some people, some holdovers, who really have soured on Haskins. But the bottom line, what I heard was they're going to put a bid in for Rivers, but it doesn't seem likely that they're gonna come away with him."

"Now Tony, I'm not asking your sources," said Junkies host Jason Bishop. "But these weren't media members you were talking to? These were football people?"

"Yeah, no. This was long after the media people had already left," said Pauline. "The media people are there until Friday and then they take off."

Asked if he'd be surprised to see the Redskins select Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa second overall, Pauline replied, "I would. Especially with Chase Young sitting there and with Ron Rivera being a defensive minded coach."

"I mean I would for a couple of reasons," he continued. "Number one, I think the Kyler Murray situation from a couple years ago was a one-off chance. I mean, you had a new coach in Kliff Kingsbury who basically wanted his own guy in there. You also have to remember Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray had the same agent, which I think played a lot into it. I think the agent was pushing for Kyler Murray, but I also think that there was some sort of communication there as to what would happen moving forward."

"I also think that Haskins had some bumps in the road obviously, but he played some good football at times last year," he said. "I just think that Kyler Murray last year is the exception to the rule, and now a lot of people think that everyone will do that. If your rookie quarterback doesn't do well his first year or first couple of games he's playing, just discard him and get a new quarterback, draft a new quarterback early on."

"I had also broken the story that the Redskins had had a formal interview with Tua at the combine before really the workouts and everything started," Pauline added. "But I'm not getting the vibe from people I'm talking to, who know people in the Redskins front office, that Rivera has soured on Haskins."